Respite Care

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Respite Care

Our respite care service is for people who wish to stay somewhere on a short-term basis. This might include people who need a little extra support whilst recovering for one week or even a few months.

Respite care can be arranged to provide their primary carers with a well-earned rest.  At Citta Care, our main priority is our residents wellbeing and ensuring that they get the most out of each day they stay with us.

We have a highly trained and supportive care team on site 24/7 to ensure we achieve this.





Our staff will work with service users to empower and support them to write their own recovery plans. These will be person centred, recognising what is important to the individual and reflect their future life and aspirations. We will work collaboratively to identify the support needs and ensure these are outcome focused.




Our support staff will encourage residents to engage with the local community and develop skills in which they can use towards gaining their independence.

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Liaising With Services

We will engage collaboratively with all relevant services and agencies to ensure a fully holistic approach.




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